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Dog Training Near Me | NJ | PA | New Jersey | Philadelphia
Puppy Training Near Me | NJ | PA | New Jersey | Philadelphia
Professional Dog Training & Behavior Therapy in NJ | PA | Philadelphia | New Jersey |
New Jersey Dog and Puppy Training | Philadelphia Dog and Puppy Training
Certified Dog Trainers in NJ  | Certified Dog Trainers in PA
Dog and Puppy Obedience Training NJ | Dog and Puppy Obedience Training PA


Dog Training Near Me | NJ | PA | New Jersey | Philadelphia

At Stronghaus Training Center we strive to treat you and your loved ones in the same manner that we would want to be treated ourselves. When you are with Stronghaus Dog Training Center, you are with family. We take pride in our integrity and devotion to our clients, as well as in our current and past accomplishments as professional dog trainers.
The owner of Stronghaus is Chris Carr. Chris is an accomplished professional dog trainer and dog behaviorist who resides in Philadelphia, PA. Chris Carr actively teaches, trains, performs as well as competes at Local, National and International Dog Training Events.
Stronghaus offers the following types of dog training in Philadelphia and the Tri-State Area of PA, NJ and DE: Puppy and Dog Obedience Training, Pet and Body Guard Training, Dog Behavior Modification, Security Dog Training and Schutzhund Training.
We provide Private one on one dog training lessons at our location or Board and Training Program.

Chris Carr, Founder Owner

Puppy Training Near Me | NJ | PA | New Jersey | Philadelphia


At Stronghaus, we take the time to get to know and understand your pet and its needs, as well as your own. We then mold our training methods around your dogs individual personality and temperament. No two dogs are exactly alike; therefore no two dogs should be trained identically.

Chris Carr Dog Obedience Trainer of All-Breeds

Dog obedience training is not a science. Dog training requires patience and commitment, along with consistency and a little understanding of animal behavior. It is a form of communication that strengthens the bond shared between you/your family members and your dog. Our dog training philosophies revolve around utilizing positive reinforcement with kindness, understanding and patience.
With our professional guidance and assistance, your dog can become the wonderful, happy and obedient family member you have always hoped that he /she would be.

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