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Chris Carr is a professional dog obedience trainer and dog behaviorist. He is also the owner of Stronghaus Dog Training Center. Based in Philadelphia marketplace. Stronghaus provides dog training services to the Tri-State Area of Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware.


Chris has been a notable dog trainer for over twenty years in the Philadelphia Area. During this time he has successfully trained hundreds of dogs and owners in basic and advanced dog obedience, personal protection dogs and training, Schutzhund and private drug detection dog services. Chris Carr is one of the most accomplished dog trainers and dog behaviorists in the Tri-State area of PA, NJ and DE. Chris has the knowledge, experience and natural ability to read and understand animal body language and behavior. Because of this natural ability, as well as his education/knowledge and many years of proven experience, his skills and expertise as a dog trainer are in demand by well-known and successful individuals such as: Patti LaBelle, Troy Vincent and Monty Williams.


Chris has trained, handled and titled several dogs to a SchH3 title, competing at National Events. Schutzhund is a sport that tests the dog and handler team in three separate phases, which consist of obedience, tracking and protection. Schutzhund 3 (SchH3) is the highest obtainable working dog title a team can accomplish. He is also a National Level Schutzhund (protection dog) Helper/Decoy. To his credit, Chris Carr is the only person in this country that holds the honor of being selected for and performing twice at the World Championships. He produced his own video pertaining to Schutzhund Helper Work, which is still in demand today.


Chris's personal dog "Frankie" is not only a SchH3 handler owner trained titled dog, Stronghaus's obedience demonstration dog and a proficient narcotic detection dog...Frankie has appeared in several well-known theatre movies and made for TV movies. To see just a couple of the movies Frankie has appeared in, please click on the media page.


Stronghaus Training Center also serves their community by participating in the Philadelphia Eagles TAWK Program, as well as provides obedience training for dogs up for adoption at the Pennsylvania Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.

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