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Obedience training enriches the relationship between you and your dog, which makes living together that much more enjoyable.


Let Stronghaus Training Center assist you in enhancing the communication and bond shared between you and your dog. At Stronghaus Training Center we believe that every dog is different. Because we truly believe this, we take the time to get to know your pets’ personality and temperament. We then mold our dog obedience training methods to suit your pets’ individual training needs. Stronghaus utilizes positive reinforcement with kindness, patience and consistency to teach your dog proper obedience and good behavior.


Dogs are pack animals that want and need a leader. Obedience training enables your dog to see you as the leader. You will discover through basic obedience training such as sit, down, come, stay and here - that even the most unruly dogs will become happier pets and family members.


Dog Obedience Training also provides mental stimulus for your dog, something they need just as much as physical exercise. A well-trained dog is more confident, manageable and receives positive attention because he/she brings fun and pleasure to their family. An untrained dog is more likely to receive negative attention, which in turn brings unwanted stress to them and to our already busy lives.


Whatever the age of your dog, the time to begin obedience training is right now! Stronghaus Training Center is available to assist you in accomplishing all your dog training goals. We offer Private Dog Training Lessons (one on one) at our location, which we believe to be much more advantageous for learning then a group setting. Stronghaus also offers a board and training program to facilitate those who because of work or other commitments, do not have the time to participate in our private lessons. The most important time in your pets' life is right now, so give us a call.


Stronghaus Training Center also provides:


Estate and Body Guard Dog Training

Drug Prevention/Detection Services

Schutzhund Dog Training

Chris Carr - Stronghaus dog trainer
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