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"Frankie" of Stronghaus Training Center acted in both movies. Frankie is trained, owned, and handled by Chris Carr, Professional Philadelphia Dog Trainer of Stronghaus Training Center.

"FRANKIE" The Movie Star
of Stronghause Training Center 


Stronghaus Dog Trainer Chris Carr and the Philadelphia Eagles representatives visit John Wister Elementary School in Philadelphia.

Stronghaus GIVES BACK
to the Community


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What is TAWK? The Philadelphia Eagles unveiled a program in October of 2009 called TAWK, which stands for Treating Animals With Kindness. The initiative aims to reduce animal abuse, encourage spaying, promote responsible pet adoption and neutering, as well as end dog fighting through public education and awareness.


On November 17th, 2009 Chris Carr owner and dog trainer of Stronghaus Training Center, along with representatives of the Philadelphia Eagles, visited a 5th grade class of the John Wister Elementary School in Philadelphia. Chris was also accompanied by his own four-legged companions and assistants, Ruby and Frankie, who proved once again to be wonderful ambassadors and educators in their own right.


Chris spoke with the young men and women of Ms. Brown's class about how to care for and interact with dogs. An obedience training and narcotic detection demonstration was conducted by Chris, with the help of Frankie and Ruby. Of course Frankie and Ruby were a hit with the children, they received a lot of attention, praise and petting by all the students and even a few of the teachers.


Stronghaus Training Center is committed to giving back to the community to which it serves.

Stronghaus Training Center proud partner of the Philadelphia Eagles TAWK Series.


Pennsylvania Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals in Philadelphia


Stronghaus Training Center also serves their community by providing attention, affection and obedience training for dogs up for adoption at the Pennsylvania Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.

Stronghaus Training Center and the PSPCA


Stronghaus dog trainer Chris Carr volunteers his time and dog training skills at the Pennsylvania Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals in Philadelphia. Chris teaches basic obedience and provides one on one companionship to various breeds of dogs at the PSPCA.


Through no fault of their own, many of these wonderful, loving and intelligent dogs are in need of a forever home. The PSPCA and its staff provide these once homeless dogs with a place to stay, medical care, attention and an opportunity to find that forever home.


If your looking for a four legged companion, please check your local PSPCA shelter.