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Extremely Professional and Punctual

Chris helped me with a very bad dog. He is extremely professional, punctual and reliable. His instinctual understanding of dogs and extensive experience allows him to tailor a customized training program to successfully achieve individual's goals. He goes out of his way to make sure his clients are satisfied.


  - Gayle S.

Chris' Way With My Puppy Was Unbelievable.

I recently just moved to PA and got a beautiful German Shepherd puppy. My original plan was to try and train him myself, but I soon realized how tough it really was. I did a lot of research and heard nothing but good things about Chris and after talking with him via phone I decided to board my puppy for 2 weeks. Chris did an outstanding job and I am certainly boarding my pup again at Stronghaus Training Center. Chris' way with my puppy was unbelievable. Nothing but professionalism and kindness coming from Chris. If you want your dog trained the right way go to Chris Carr.


 - Ryan Edward

Chris's Training Left Me In Disbelief!

Chris came right out and after one hour had this 2 pound, 12 week old puppy sitting and staying. He did this by NEVER raising his voice or in any way hurting Chopper. I must say that I was in total disbelief. As we continued training, our Chopper is now able to respond to the same commands you would give a 100 pound dog.


Aside from the major behavior aspect, Chris has taught me so much about Chopper and dog raising in general. He is always there for us - for that crazy question or extra advice we need. We are so glad to have Chris as part of our lives. He has made our new venture into dog ownership a great one.


  - Fran Levine

I Was Thrilled With the Results of Chris' Training!


Wonderful Experience with Stronghaus! I adopted a pitbull last year that needed obedience work as well as socialization with other dogs before he joined my other 2 dogs. I was so thrilled with the results. Not only did my dog responded to commands when he came home, but a year and a half later, he is still listening to me! Stronhaus was wonderful for my dog's training, and they were just as important for my education as a dog owner. They have been there as support and help since my dog's training, and I know that they will always be available in the future. I have one extremely happy pack of dogs now! Can't recommend them enough!


  - Allison Hough

Everything About Chris Was Amazing!

Everything about our experience with Chris and Stronghaus was wonderful! Our new puppy Monty spent two weeks with Chris and we were truly amazed by the results. Chris was able to teach Monty all the basic commands and was very thorough in passing on the knowledge to us. Thanks to Chris, Monty is a well behaved, obedient, fun loving dog who enjoys being around people and other pups too. We can't thank Chris enough and he would be first on our list for a recommendation to anyone who asks!!!


  - Peter Lukens

I Highly Recommend Chris and His Training Style.

Chris is an amazing trainer. I was very satisfied with his knowledge, expertise, and professionalism in training our Central Asian Shepherd, Jasmine. I sent her to Chris for 2 weeks to be trained in his training facility. As soon as she came back she knew how to: Sit, Down, Come, place, In, and heel. She had unbelievable results after just 2 weeks of training. I highly recommend him.​


  - John Reydler

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