Estate & Body Guard Dog Training

Never feel alone or vulnerable again. Stronghaus will train and hand-select the perfect family pet/body guard for your family.


Personal protection trained dogs are in high demand these days because of the increasing crime rate in most states throughout our country. Home invasions are growing at an alarming rate. Most criminals are not opportunists, they usually do their homework before they strike. If they see that you have a professionally trained canine, they will move to the next home and not target yours. It is much easier to disarm a security system, then risk an encounter with a trained personal protection dog. Stronghaus Training Center can provide your family with a well-trained dog that will protect and defend your family if ever needed, as well as be an obedient family companion dog.

Drug Protection Prevention Dogs

Our narcotic detection dogs are available to discreetly, confidentially and in a non-invasive manner confirm or refute the presence of drugs in your residence or private/commercial business.      


Substance abuse is a widespread problem in our society today. Did you know that 67 percent of all work related accidents are the direct result of substance abuse? Many young people in treatment programs say they had used drugs for at least two years before their parents ever knew.


Let Stronghaus assist you with our private drug detection services. For many years, our highly trained canines have been called upon to assist in the detection of drugs in residential and commercial premises. We provide a confidential and reliable service that enables you to obtain the vital information that you seek and the peace of mind that you deserve. Please do not be a victim of ignorance; knowledge is the key. Early intervention is the key to prevention. It may even save your loved one's future or your employee's life.


Join us in the fight against drugs!

Schutzhund Training

Chris Carr of Stronghaus is a well-known and exceptionally skilled training and trial helper in the sport of Schutzhund. He is available for private sessions.


Chris Car's Bio

USA National Championship
in Lynchburg, VA

IFR Rottweiler World Championship
in Chicago, IL

WUSV World Championship
in Boston, MA

North American Championship
in Gatlinburg, TN

USA National Championship
in Reno, NV

Sieger Show in
Lynchburg, VA

WUSV World Championship
in Slovenia -Alternate-

USA National Championship
in Tauton, MA

North American Championship
in Atlanta, GA

USA National Championship
in Nashville, TN

USA National Championship
in San Jose, CA

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